PCD1100 CNC Drill & DG1250 CNC Saw

Powered by 25 HP (18.5 kW) Siemens Smart Spindle motors, the Advantage-2 is outfitted with 3 drill spindles, each equipped with 5-station tool changers. This powerful drilling technology allows for maximized operating time and drill hole quality. Automatic bandsaw integration allows for complete handling versatility, while maintaining a streamlined CNC solution. Splitting apart a drill and a saw allows neither machine to wait for the other, maximizing production.

ABCM CNC Coping Machine

Three torches for simultaneous oxy-fuel cutting create an unmatched combination of speed and efficiency. Capable of miter cutting and beveled weld preparation on the top and bottom flanges, the ABCM-1250 also boasts automatic torch ignition. Multiple axis positioning permits top and bottom flanges to be cut simultaneously. Flange beveling for weld prep is easily achieved with pivoting torches to the programmed miter position.

Peddiwriter CNC Scribing Machine

The PeddiWriter relies on proven Hypertherm plasma technology to automate the processes of layout and fit up. The PeddiWriter makes non-intrusive layout marks that clearly designate cutting and welding operations. Two completely independent torch assemblies allow the PeddiWriter to operate at rapid speeds, far surpassing carbide scribing. Each torch operates on a completely independent axis. This allows the machine to mark totally unique characters, on two separate surfaces simultaneously.

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